Wide-area Measurement for Versatile Uses

TrackProbe consists of a tracking i-Probe and the latest optical tracker i-Tracker. The 3D probing system is designed for metrology-level measurements and is highly precise, portable, flexible, and easy to use.

Get high-quality measurements for parts in large measurement volumes, at long distances, and in harsh conditions. Use it for various tasks on the shop floor, such as fixture adjustment, benchmark marking, and geometric and dimensional inspection of engineering machinery. TrackProbe can handle both small and large parts and has no constraints on the measurement situation.

Volumetric accuracy10.4 m³ (Tracking distance 3.5 m) - 0.049 mm
28.6 m³ (Tracking distance 5.0 m) - 0.067 mm
49.0 m³ (Tracking distance 6.0 m) - 0.089 mm
Measurement distance (per tracker) Max 10 m
Part size range0.1 m-12 m
Camera pixel of i-Tracker 25 MP
Dimensions of i-Probe 500 510x145x89 mm
Weight of i-Probe 500 700 g
Operating temperature range 0–45°C
Operating humidity range (non-considering)10–90% RH
ConnectionWired and wireless
Number of targets16