Accuracy Trigger at Large-scale Metrology.

MSCAN-L15 photogrammetry system is made to deliver high-precision and efficient geometric measurements of large-scale objects and easy-to-use 3D solutions for inspection, product development, quality control, etc.

With a large shooting area and wide depth of field, MSCAN-L15 performs volumetric accuracy of 0.012 mm/m for large-scale projects and parts from 2 m to 10 m. It is compatible with 3D inspection devices and can achieve stricter measurement accuracy requirements. Its unique HDR mode provides fast environment adaptability, and its ergonomic design offers great portability.

  • Volumetric Accuracy of 0.012 mm/m
  • Scanning Objects from 2 m to 10 m
  • Unique HDR Mode
Volumetric accuracy 0.012 mm/m
Device type Industrial camera and lens (not DSLR)
Weight ≤0.58 KG
Obtain mark point position Real-time calculation & display
Interface mode Gigabit Lan
Depth of field 6.5 m
Shooting area up to 9.4 m x 6.9 m
Operating temperature range-10℃–40