Dual-infrared Lasers. Versatility at Your Fingertips

iReal M Series Color 3D Scanner is a brand-new professional 3D scanner series. Its infrared laser and structured-light modes enable smooth 3D data acquisition in different applications, like scanning humans or objects, inside or outside.

iReal M brings professional 3D digitization solutions to 3D engineers, 3D designers, and scientific researchers to fulfil their demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc. It is a professional 3D scanner with dual-light, safe, and comfortable, that can adapt fast to dark and light colours.

  • Dual-infrared Lasers
  • Invisible Light Scanning
  • Hybrid Alignment Modes
  • Outdoor 3D Scanning
  • Strong Material Adaptability
  • Human Body 3D Scanning
Dual Light Sources7 Infrared Parallel Laser Lines & Infrared Linear-array Structured Light (Speckle)
SafetyEN 60825 Class I Certificate (Eye-safe), EN 62471 Photobiological Safety Certificate
Scanning CharacteristicsTexture capturing, rapid scan mode (feature/mixed/Texture alignments), high accuracy with markers alignment, human body and outdoor scanning
Scanning RangeOptimal Scanning Distance: 400 mm
Optimal Scanning Distance Range: 300-650 mm
Effective Scanning Distance Range: 280-1000 mm
Max. Field of ViewInfrared Parallel Laser Lines: 400 x 240 mm
Infrared VCSEL Structured Light: 580 x 550 mm
Recommended Object Size Infrared Parallel Laser Lines: 0.05-4 m
Infrared VCSEL Structured Light: 0.3-4 m
Max. Scanning SpeedInfrared Parallel Laser Lines: 60 FPS
Infrared VCSEL Structured Light: 15 FPS
Point Distance Infrared Parallel Laser Lines: 0.1-3 mm
Infrared VCSEL Structured Light: 0.2-3 mm
Basic Accuracy Up to 0.1 mm
Volumetric AccuracyUp to 0.25 mm/m
Output Formats .stl, .obj, .ply, .asc, .igs, .txt, .mk2, .umk and etc.
Built-in Camera Pixel1.3 million pixels
Working Temperature -1040
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Scanner Dimensions:140×94×258 mm
Weight856 g
Power Source Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60H
Output: 24=3.75A, 90W MAX